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Catlins Corner Down Syndrome Awareness

So the reason I started making these pendants was because I thought they would be a nice way to promote down syndrome awareness and celebrate all that people with down syndrome bring to the world. So of course my first piece had to be designed specifically for Catie. I call it the beginning of the 321 series. 321 Stands for Trisomy 21 (the scientfic name for down syndrome.) I gave it to Catie on Mother's Day and she loved it!

I would love to create a 321 piece for you, a family member or someone who has been an advocate or support for Down Syndrome! All profits from these pieces will go to Catie's continuing education.

We always talk about how cute Catie is and we know that part of that cuteness comes from her having down syndrome....among many other things that make her so cute.  So I took a photograph I had taken of a flower and placed it on the pendant, the yellow in the flower and the blue in the writing represent the colors that stand for down syndrome.  Then I wrote "Just 1 of the reasons I'm so cute" this 1 represents not only the fact that there are millions of other reasons but also the 1 extra chromosome that makes her extra cute.  Also you can see lightly in the background the 321 representing down syndrome...remembering that its always a part of her but not the most important or most focused on part but a special part.  Then of course I put her name on it...cuz she just eats that up!